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    By Shilpa Desai     1305 Views     August 17, 2020
    Force Majeure Clause for Covid -19 Explained |CFO Bridge Services

    Why do you need a dashboard view of the various KPI's? How to build an effective dashboard that helps you steer your organisation towards its goals?  How many metrics are too many metrics to track? and which one is the most effective for your business?  Our CFO partner Shilpa Desai covered this topic with a small group of founders/promoters earlier this month. We share it here for your access and make good use for your own business. Do reach out to know more about this. 

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  • Shilpa Desai
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    Shilpa Desai

    Shilpa lives in Mumbai and is a CA with over 20 years experience across operational and strategic areas of finance and accounting across varied size and scale of companies. She has handled CFO roles in MNC, Indian corporate as well as in start ups and has been responsible for areas of accounting and controls, financial planning and analysis, treasury, taxation as well fund raising and managing PE/VC investors. She has a keen eye for bottom-line and enjoys partnering with business for profitable growth.  She draws her inspiration from the teachings of Bhagavad Gita and when not managing her daughters' activities, she likes reading and writing blogs on issues of current interest. You can find her thoughts on topics as wide as learning thru real life experiences to business strategies on her LinkedIn profile.

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