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Cost Management For Businesses Explained | Cost Control Strategies

Cost Management is a key to the success of modern business.As we know pandemic has been a learning curve for all businesses,Some may have grown better by working on cutting down the cost & relying on Digital Media to provide their services and some may have had to shut down due irrecoverable loss.

Cost management is controlling the monetary resources with effective strategies,it helps monitoring the fixed and variable costs that run in the short and long term of business.Efficient cost management system helps in handling different costs and helps foresee expandable business activities under the same budget.

We have some major Insights from the Founder and head of the Leadership Team of CFO Bridge “Mr.V.Srinivasan ” ,Let’s go through the major inputs that companies can implement inorder to have a smooth road in long run and work efficiently.

Convert Fixed cost to Variable Cost  

  • No Cost is Fixed Cost – Pandemic has proven one thing that every cost is discretionary & can be managed.Lets get on with some benefits:
  • Costs monitoring should start with division of resources that is useful and is a necessity.
  • The next tip is to ensure that your expenses does not surpass your revenue which assure the right track to healthy finance.
  • Increasing the current run time will ensure better planning and prospectus for a secured future. 
  • Manpower cost is pivotal element to company’s success,,As who wouldn’t want to be a part of company that looks after their comfort
  • Do you need a fixed office space when it is now more or less an agreed norm that everyone can work from home ? Analyze Infra Cost per employee.
  • Conversions of your annual payments in one go could hurt the pocket rather switch it to quarterly or monthly For eg AMC’s,Insurance Software subscriptions etc.
  • Negotiations with vendors by offering them cash discounts could help having faster payments.


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