Enabling data-driven decision making for a manufacturing company and subsequent business partnering for a decade

Posted On 2024-06-11

Author Gautam Tarkunde


India’s leading vertically-integrated provider of plastic packaging materials had a variety of products and manufacturing processes and was keen to analyze reasons of lower profitability and margins. The complexity of the processes made it challenging to exactly identify inefficiencies and wastages and consequently course correct. 

Observations and Approach

CFOB’s CFO Partner worked on various initiatives to address profitability concerns 
Tracking utilization at a plant and machine level to identify bottlenecks. This resulted in significant revelations and helped augmenting capacities.
Started analyzing and costs and productivity at a machine level – this helped to detect inventory accumulation and wastages at a machine level.
Viability studies were introduced for taking up any new capital expenditure.
Detailed Product level costing framework implemented with unit economics – resulting in deeper understanding of margins across products/grades/customers/geographies.
Rolled-out division-wise profitability targets and MIS thereby driving efficiencies and fixing responsibility.
While data availability was a challenge in the initial period, the CFO Partner helped the team with templates and tools to capture and process a lot of information that was required for the analysis. 


Significant reduction in wastage from 7% to 2.5%, directly impacting profitability.
Significant reduction in inventory levels resulting in lower working capital requirement and space rationalization. 
CFOB continues to be the Company’s business partner for almost a decade, supporting in increasing its top line by 2.5x and profitability by 4x. 

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