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The Role of Business Intelligence & Technology Solutions

Technology, in all forms, is an enabler. It enables us to do things in a simple manner, it enables us to do things faster and hence, it enables us to do things better. But we also constantly keep on hearing that technology implementation are not yielding the desired results. Irrespective of the advanced, improved, pricier technology that has been implemented. We hear things like ‘there is not much adaptability’, ‘certain things have suddenly become overly complicated’, ‘too much of information floating around without the ones that matter’, and so on.

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Let me give you a classic analogy from the field of photography. I’m a Nikon head, so I’ll stick to this brand for now. A 30k Nikon DSLR is perfectly capable of generating the same quality images that a 100k DSLR generates. Let’s understand why:

  • The sensor size is identical (in this case, the standard DX format)
  • The optics are same
  • FPS will be similar, in the range of 3-5
  • Rest of the stuff depends on the photographer

What a 100k DSLR offers are many more control buttons, which makes it easy for you to take the photo. And mind you, it can be significantly easy, with dedicated control buttons for the key functions. But will it have any impact on the image? Answer is, unfortunately, no.

So, what makes the difference? Answer lies in the person behind the camera.

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Flipping this analogy to the world of technology, there are great products and even better services. At all kinds of price points. Why things don’t happen is due to the lack of ‘solutioning’. The person who is responsible for solutioning is the same as the person behind the camera, who is responsible for the great quality image, irrespective of the equipment.

Solutioning may get blurred due to the enormity of the product (basic assumptions like implementing SAP will kill all problems), generate as many dashboards (& hence information) as possible from a BI tool (without focusing on who will use which set of information and for what purpose) and perhaps, the junior-most resource in the system playing the pivotal role in design & solutioning. These are a few common examples.

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At CFO Bridge, we understand this problem of technology solutions not delivering the desired results particularly well. Hence, when we say we offer data analytics solutions, we do this ‘solutioning’ aspect ‘ourselves’. By one of our immensely experienced CFOs. Whereas we offer our solutions on the Microsoft Power BI platform, it is the solutioning by us that makes all the difference.

We believe less is more; we believe in empowering the line managers with data. We make precise dashboards that contain optimum information for the relevant people. We cut across the organisation to understand what all data points are relevant for day-to-day decision making, and at what level. We convert this need into powerful dashboards that help you take better decisions.

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