Transaction Advisory & Structuring

We handle the complexities so that you can focus on your business

Capital raise, merger, acquisition, global expansion, tax optimization, succession planning etc. require a multi-faceted and holistic approach to generate long-term value. We bring world class talent to support transactions and take full ownership of the process so that you can focus on your strengths.

Valuation & Pitch Deck

We provide comprehensive valuation of businesses across sectors (manufacturing, services, digital, marketplaces etc.) to help business determine the timing and size of fund raise.


Bringing out the strengths of the business and articulating its fund utilization plan is critical for businesses that are raising funds. Our extensive experience being on either side of the deal enables us to prepare pitch decks that are crisp and proactively address potential investor questions.

M&A Data Room Support

Company is preparing for a M&A deal but getting data room ready is becoming a challenge. Team is occupied with business as usual & unable to address time demanding queries from the other party & auditors. We help you set-up a detailed data room & help you manage smooth M&A DD without disturbing business as usual.

Due Diligence

Whether you are a professional investor or a business looking to acquire, getting a thorough due diligence conducted is of paramount importance before writing the cheque. Lack of qualified resources in-house or bandwidth of available resources may hamper the ability of a prospective investor to perform due diligence with the required quality and on time. CFO Bridge’s diligence covers traditional areas of compliance, tax and accounting as well as business diligence which cover areas like product profitability, pricing, costing etc.

Due Diligence Management

You have done all the hard work of bringing the investor to the table and the only remaining step is a due diligence by a large accounting firm. You may not have staff that are qualified to provide responsive material and address questions that come up during the exercise. In some cases, you want to have your staff to remain focused on their current responsibilities so that BAU (business as usual) does not suffer.


We can effectively project manage the diligence by setting up data room, translating requirements in easy-to-understand manner for the in-house staff, provide data in a meaningful manner and coordinating responses. Reduce time and effort to close and increase the probability of a successful close.

Post Deal Monitoring

Investors often find it difficult to monitor the utilization of funds in a timely and effective manner. Often, this can lead to missed opportunities to correct course. We are well positioned to perform ground-level monitoring of financial performance and raise early red flags, thereby protecting capital.

Tax & Financial Modeling

After successfully completing the diligence and negotiating the value of the target, investors often face the task of ensuring that their investment and returns are modelled in such a way that it is viable and does not hinder the investment objective of both the target and the investor and at the same time ensure tax-efficient cash flows for the investors on a timely basis. Above all, it must be done strategically to minimize risk of tax liabilities and maximize returns.


We help, with various financial models, in structuring the investment to ensure the optimum cash flows for both the target and the investors keeping in mind the business requirements of the target and security of capital for the Investor.

Tax Efficient Repatriation of Profits

Upon structuring the investment, the investor and the Target would be keen on ensuring that the profits / return on capital is repatriated to the investor in a tax efficient manner.


When it comes to tax efficient repatriation of returns, there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula applicable to all businesses. The ideal approach would be a mix and match of multiple repatriation options which are tested for their efficiency and would sustain for a longer period of time.
With our vast experience in domestic and cross-border repatriation strategies using tax treaty networks, we bring to the table, tax efficient solutions which are both hassle-free and regulatory compliant thereby ensuring smooth repatriation of the profits to the investor which would stand the test of time. We provide end-to-end services in this regard from the conceptualization of the structure till the satisfaction of queries, if any raised by the Regulatory authorities.

Global & Domestic Group Restructuring

Business groups are routinely faced with issues on managing a group structure which is operationally effective and requires minimum time for management and review. However, due to reasons beyond the control of the promoters, the number of entities and their operational hierarchy goes haywire.


By understanding the promoter’s objective, we can help in restructuring the Group in a risk-averse, tax efficient and cash-less manner which ensures value consolidation in the designated entity and has a clear hierarchy of control flowing to the Promoters. Furthermore, by utilizing the benefits afforded by the favorable treaty network jurisdictions, we can restructure the Group to facilitate overseas expansion and capital sourcing.

Succession Planning

Planning for the transfer of value and management to a new generation can be a challenging task to any Business Group / Promoter. Such planning involves creation of a strategy involving transfer of ownership across generations aligned to their interest.


By understanding your needs, we help you in establishing family offices and create a feasible and operationally efficient framework by identifying the succession objectives and providing structuring options which are tax optimal and cash-flow conscious and ensuring that the legacy of the business continues in the future.

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We are India’s largest shared CFO services provider with world-class finance talent of 50+. We have helped 500+ clients to take informed decisions from all over India.

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Financial forecasting during unpredictable market conditions

Getting the correct insights into the jittery market is unquestionably imperative. Financial forecasting is a monetary and resource-based estimate of the financial outcomes that the company might have in the near future.

Financial forecasting during unpredictable market conditions

Getting the correct insights into the jittery market is unquestionably imperative. Financial forecasting is a monetary and resource-based estimate of the financial outcomes that the company might have in the near future.

Financial forecasting during

Getting the correct insights into the jittery market is unquestionably imperative. Financial forecasting is a monetary and resource-based estimate of the financial outcomes that the company might have


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