Do you compare your performance against budget & past period performance ?

Do you track and let go of unprofitable customers?


Do you have annual budgeting process ?

Do you have 3-5 year strategic plan ?

Do you have effective incentive plan for team backed by budgeting ?


Are you able to pass on RM & other inflation cost to the customer ?

Do you close audit within first 3 months of following financial year ?

Do you know your Working Capital position ?


Do you timely liquidate slow/non moving assets to ease Working Capital ?

Do you have mechanism to timely resolve invoicing disputes raised by clients ?


Do you know working capital cycle in no# of days with break up of inventory turnover, debtor Days outstanding and Payable days outstanding. 

Do you know product wise profitability/gross margin ?


Do you know location wise profitability ?

Do you track marketing ROI & IT ROI ?


Do you divide your expenses into fixed, variable, discretionary & onetime ?

Is your current finance team thinking beyond book closing ?

Evaluating Finanacial Readiness



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