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Restructuring existing entity shareholding to achieve tax and regulatory efficiency. The restructuring will eventually maximize the value of Promoters/Investors. We also provide advice on tax and regulatory efficient acquisition of Target. The advice will cover deal advisory, structuring, valuation and implementation. We also advise on cross border investment strategies. The advisory will cover compliance with corporate and foreign exchange laws. We also provide Promoter value enhancement strategies in a tax efficient manner in case of Pre-IPO situations to consolidate value of the business and the Promoters. Additionally we provide Exit strategy for investors and Promoters,Acquiring stressed assets directly or through insolvency process,Strategizing succession planning and implementation,Transaction tax and regulatory due diligence

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With a ‘unique-to-your-business’ based tax planning model, our CFO partners minimize risk of liabilities

and maximize returns while ensuring tax-efficient repatriation of returns for investors.

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Add value to your business at a fraction of the cost of a full-time finance team

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Choose from a comprehensive list of services with on-site, off-site, and hybrid options.

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Yes, the CFO is typically responsible for overseeing the accounting function of an organization. This includes ensuring accurate financial records are maintained, managing the financial reporting process, and developing accounting policies and procedures.

Yes, a tax accountant can potentially become a CFO if they possess the necessary qualifications and experience. However, being a CFO requires more than just tax expertise, as the role involves managing a broad range of financial activities and making strategic decisions to help grow the business.

A CFO oversees the accounting function of an organization, which includes tasks such as managing financial records, developing accounting policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with regulations, and overseeing financial reporting.

CFOs may have a general understanding of tax laws and regulations, but it is not typically their primary responsibility to manage tax matters. Instead, they are more focused on strategic financial decision-making and overseeing the overall financial health of the organization.

CFOs can play an important role in optimizing tax strategies by working closely with tax experts and developing a comprehensive tax strategy that takes into account the organization's overall financial objectives. They can also help ensure that the organization is in compliance with tax laws and regulations, and work to identify areas where the organization may be able to reduce tax liabilities.

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