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What do we offer?

We take care of your business finances by Maintaining liquidity. We ensure you avoid surprises and have a seamless cash flow for every business need.

We identify and resolve bottlenecks in working capital cycles, targeting leakages and blockages. Accelerating cash velocity: We optimize internal processes for receivables and payables, and maintain inventory to ensure quicker turnaround.

Cashflow management & forecast

Effective planning and budgeting require cash flow forecasts to support them. Granular, monthly/weekly forecasts reveal the true challenges in managing a business. We identify these stress points, understand their causes, and empower entrepreneurs to make informed decisions to alleviate the strain.

Inventory management

At CFO Bridge, we revolutionize your inventory management by measuring it daily. Through continuous engagement, we establish and maintain optimal levels while collaborating with Production & Planning teams to align inventory with seasonal business demand.

Receivables management

We streamline the Order to Cash cycle by analyzing ordering, invoicing, and collection processes to identify bottlenecks. Implementing and monitoring targeted measures, we drive change and foster a cultural shift in organizations' approach to managing receivables.

Working capital facility & fund raising

We evaluate your working capital needs, understand your goals, and collaborate with our expert network to efficiently raise funds, boasting a proven track record of success.

What makes CFO Bridge so unique?

Accessible Expert Talent

Access highly experienced talent in one place

On-demand CFOs

Hire CFOs on-demand and on a plug-and-play basis

End-to-End Delivery

Get end-to-end delivery with financial roadmap, execution, and closure

Affordable Value-addition

Add value to your business at a fraction of the cost of a full-time finance team

Comprehensive Service Offerings

Choose from a comprehensive list of services with on-site, off-site, and hybrid options.

We have empowered 500+ SMEs & Startups
to grow with tailored financial solutions

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Yes, the CFO is responsible for working capital management. This includes managing cash, inventory, and accounts receivable and payable to ensure that a company has enough liquidity to operate efficiently and meet its financial obligations.

Yes, the CFO can help you in managing your working capital ratio. By analyzing financial data and identifying areas for improvement, the CFO can work with you to optimize your working capital and improve your company's financial health.

The CFO can help you manage your working capital inventories by developing and implementing inventory management policies and procedures. This may involve assessing the demand for your products, forecasting inventory needs, and establishing reorder points and safety stock levels.

The CFO can improve your working capital management by implementing strategies to increase cash flow, reduce inventory levels, and optimize accounts receivable and payable processes. This may include negotiating better payment terms with suppliers, implementing more efficient billing and collection processes, and implementing cost reduction strategies to improve profitability. The CFO can also leverage technology such as automation tools, to improve the efficiency of these processes.

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