Intelligent Process Automation

Automate your Business Processes with Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Process Automation creates a significant positive impact on your business results by way of improving customer satisfaction, plugging revenue leakages, saving costs, improving profitability, facilitating better decision making and thereby enhancing your enterprise value.

Unique Capabilities of AI-enabled RPA-based automation as compared to traditional automation

Manages large data sizes and transaction volumes

Performs at high execution speeds, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency

Enables better exception management by simulating human cognition and logic

Facilitates configuration of diverse rules and conditions

Offers compatibility with existing systems, thus eliminating the need for migration

Reduces implementation time and facilitates a quick ‘go-live’

Offers solutions at a considerably lower cost and therefore better accessibility for SMEs

Facilitates easier post-implementation changes

Tasks that can be automated using RPA and AI

With a combination of RPA and AI, every manual, repetitive and rule-based tasks can be fully automated by completely eliminating manual intervention:

  • Processing documents
  • Reconciling transactions and balances
  • Managing alerts, notifications and reminders
  • Performing rule-based computations
  • Managing data flow across systems

Processes that run efficiently and seamlessly once automated using RPA and AI


Processing of vendor invoices, approval process, budgetary controls, tracking payment due dates

Financial Close

Calculation of month-end provisions, passing of month-end entries, preparation of financial statements


Preparation of period-end financial dashboards for visualization of key performance metrics, ratios and trends


Sales order generation, revenue recognition, sales invoicing and collection tracking & follow-up

Tangible outcomes of Intelligent Process Automation

Plugging Revenue Leakages

Cost Optimization

Data-driven Decision Making

Improved Customer Satisfaction

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