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Glimpse Beyond the Obvious: Sustaining Stability Amidst Global Turmoil

On December 10, 2022, CFO Bridge was a silver sponsor at the Almus Money Rupee conference, which focused on India’s perspective on inflation, rate hikes, volatility, energy, global stagnation, the threat of recession, and supply chain disruptions, all of which were part of our discussions last year, as well as vital discussions by various stakeholders who explained their perceptions on the current market situation. The event was a success, as 200 individuals representing various industries participated. Attendees expressed their opinions and had their concerns addressed during the event.

The conference was mentored by Former Executive director Mr.G.Padmanabhan,followed by Mr.G.Mahalingam,Former member of SEBI; Dr Viral Acharya,CVV Star professor of stern business school & Mr.Ananth.Gopalakrishnan,Whole team member of SEBI.The event was a success as there were 200 attendants from various industries.

Every two hours, there was a group panel session where speakers had a critical debate on the global scenario: financing India’s manufacturing awakening, managing rupee volatility, steady startups, and transforming infrastructure financing. The conference ran from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., giving people who attended plenty of time to engage and network.

Mr Ramakrishnan.S, Partner in Bangalore recently represented CFO Bridge at the Almus Rupee Money Conference in Mumbai on December 10, 2022 and spoke about the role of automation in finance andtreasury. He said the use of Robotic Process Automation in the areas of finance and treasury is going to change the way the entire function is going to be run. In this day and age of difficulty faced by Organizations in finding good resources and retaining them, RPA will eliminate the need for human intervention in most of the repetitive tasks. In the areas of treasury, it could be used in hedging decisions, working capital management, bank reconciliations, GST recons and beyond. In the areas of finance, it could be used in MIS and other key management reports for effective decision making. The advantage of RPA is that it is ERP agnoustic and available at very affordable pricing on a SAAS model. Moreover, the accuracy and timeliness of reporting goes up multifold reducing the dependency on human intervention as most reports can be programmed to be delivered as per pre-fixed schedules too. This was well received and quite a bit of interest has sparked in this area post the conference. CFO Bridge will be focussing on developing this area further and working with high end technical partners to make this a reality for our existing and prospective customers.

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