Unlocking Financial Excellence: Announcing a Strategic Partnership.

Posted On 2023-12-13

Author Srinivasan V

CFO Bridge is thrilled to announce an exciting strategic partnership with JCSS, one of India’s leading Audit, Assurance, Tax, and Compliance advisory firms. 

With the strategic partnership, CFO Bridge and JCSS, together, will offer,

1. Holistic Financial Management :  

JCSS’s end-to-end financial, compliance solutions, full-service accounting, tax, and auditing capabilities seamlessly integrate with CFO Bridge’s Fractional CFO services to ensure a 360-degree approach to financial management.

2. Scalable Expertise : 

With access to a diverse team of experienced finance professionals, clients can scale their support based on their unique requirements. Whether it's strategic financial planning, M&A, Financial transformation, IPO/Fundraise, Compliance management, day-to-day accounting, Tax planning, or comprehensive assurance solutions, our partnership provides a flexible and scalable solution.

3. Informed Decision-Making :

Clients will receive unparalleled insights into their financial health, enabling more informed and strategic decision-making. Our joint capabilities empower businesses to navigate challenges and confidently capitalize on opportunities.

@Srinivasan Swamy, Founder and CEO at CFO Bridge, said: "This collaboration between JCSS and CFO Bridge is a major milestone in CFO Bridge’s commitment to delivering effective financial service solutions and driving success for our clients.  This collaboration goes beyond transactional services; it's a commitment to fostering long-term growth for our clients."

@Srinivasan Srikanth, Founder Partner at JCSS, said:  By aligning our strengths, CFO Bridge and JCSS aim to be the trusted advisors businesses rely on to achieve their financial objectives.  Our partnership leverages the strengths of both firms, creating a powerful synergy that addresses the evolving needs of companies in today's dynamic marketplace."

About CFO Bridge 

Started in 2012, CFO Bridge (www.cfobridge.com)  is India’s largest and most sought-after Fractional/virtual CFO services and strategic Finance service provider. Headquartered in Mumbai, CFO Bridge has 35+ CFO Partners and over 50+ finance professionals who help startups and medium enterprises strengthen their financial governance and help them with world-class CFO services support. CFO Bridge operates in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, NCR in India, and Dallas, Texas in the US. 


About JCSS 

JCSS  is India’s leading accounting and Regulatory Services firm. Headquartered in Bangalore, JCSS’s operations are spread across India, Singapore, and Japan. With an experienced team of professionals, JCSS aims to provide creative, practical, issue-based solutions. Since its inception in 2000, JCSS has advised over 450 clients across diverse industries ranging from Infrastructure to Manufacturing, Construction to Information Technology. The portfolio of clients ranges from start-ups to well-established Fortune 500 companies. JCSS has offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad & Pune, India, and out of Singapore and Tokyo.

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